Monday, 14 December 2009

Yarn Forward News...

As the year draws to a close, so too does the Yarn Forward project. Well, that is, we think it does. The beautiful covering consisting of knitted contributions from all over the world has astoundingly stretched its way around over three quarters of the first floor banister rail at Manchester Craft and Design Centre.

And the individual pieces of your handiwork have raised so much interest, wonderment, marvel and positive feedback that the Kelda and Kate and all the residents from the Craft and Design Centre want to see it completed. Everybody there loves it!

So, we’ll let you know what happens. Yarn Forward into 2010? Lets see…

ArtYarn have been so inspired to work on this project; in constant awe of the overwhelming amount of creative contributions we have received. Humbled by every piece, it’s amazing how a simple guide of a 40x7cm strip, can be interpreted with such imagination, skill and love.

We hope we have been adept enough in crediting everybody who has taken part in this project and provided you with pictures that have well represented your work.

It is with abundant gratitude that we thank every contributor for their superb submissions.

And having installed a further sixty strips this week we have a few more people to mention…

  • Pamela Vose from Manchester
  • 2 strips by Kelda Savage from Manchester Craft and Centre
  • Lisa Freeman from Atlanta, USA
  • Danette Devlin from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
  • Joanna Lewis from London
  • 3 colourful strips by Elaine Frankonis from Massachusetts, USA
  • Hilary Keefe from Longton, St Lukes
  • Sue Stone from Sheffield
  • Mavis Plant from Penshaw, Tyne and Wear
  • Victoria Sheppard from Althrincham
  • Steph Phillips from Creative Crochet & Fibre Art (
  • Jenni Hird from Wigan
  • 4 strips Kate Day from Manchester Craft and Design Centre after her mum taught her to knit again.
  • Sophie Cunningham from Levenshulme
  • Jean from Bury
  • Rosemary Marshall from Bury
  • Delia Barrington from Bury
  • 2 strips by Penny Savage from Sutton-In-The-Elms, Leicestershire
  • 2 strips by Jenny Rowley from Broughton Astley, Leicestershire
  • 3 strips by Mrs B M Drabble from Prestwich, Manchester
  • Birgit Erwardt from Garbsen, Germany (
  • 2 strips by Suzanne Barr from Hadleigh, Essex
  • 2 strips by Helen O’Donnel from Cheadle Hulme
  • Alison O’Donnell from Cheadle Hulme
  • Jackie Griffiths from Chester
  • Sylvia Bulley from Newport South Wales
  • 4 strips by Sue from Sutton-on-Sea
  • 3 strips by Lynn from Sutton-on-Sea
  • Felicity Criddle from Hove
  • Amy Hultum from Chester
  • Jill Pendlebury
  • 2 strips Tricia Stokes
  • 2 strips by Ann Pilling
  • Sue Highland
  • Sue Holden (sorry ladies, we don't know where you're from)
  • Roger Newton from Withington, Manchester
  • Bev Speight from Manchester
  • Rita Mori from Hulme, Manchester
  • Delia from Didsbury, Manchester

Chunky knitting by Jenni Hird from Wigan.

Crocheted flowers by Birgit Erwardt from Garbsen, Germany.

Knitted ghosts by Pamela Vose from Manchester.

Alien invaders by Sophie Cunningham from Levenshulme

Magic Mushrooms by Delia from Didsbury, Manchester.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Yet Further Yarn Forward

Thank you so much for all your wonderful wooly work!
Giving us the pleasure of installing more strips to the bannister at The Manchester Craft & Design Centre.

The latest participants, new folks and our ever faithful friends who continue to contribute, are:

  • Pamela Vose from Manchester (and the Kings Arms Knitting Club)
  • Vicky Ingham from Loughborough
  • Adèle Waples from Braintree in Essex
  • Richmal Wigglesforth from Manchester (and the Kings Arms Knitting Club)
  • Pauline Hession from Liverpool
  • Christine Kriebel from Dortmund in Germany
  • Sandra Wielaert from Den Haag (The Hauge) in the Netherlands
  • Anne Karategih from Düsseldorf in Germany (
  • Kelda Savage from Manchester (and the Craft and Design Centre)
  • Kay Savage from Loughborough
  • Marjorie Darnborough from West Lancashire

Curly Crochet by Adèle Waples

Representing the Northsea by Sandra Wielaert
(blue strip; fourth from left) "waves going both sides...yarn used is old Tvinngarn from Norway, 100% wool."

And we've received even more examples of your watch this space...we'll make another installation in the next few weeks when you'll see your strips up there...

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Half Way There!

With a further twenty seven strips added to the banister at the Manchester Craft and Design Center yesterday, we're half way around the first floor!

And with another four months left to run on the project we'd like to ask for your help in covering the whole of the hand rail and really crowing the glory of your marvelous work.

For full details of how you can be part of this colourful and conversation stopping project click on the 'Take part here' link to the right.

And we give our most gracious appreciation and gratitude to all those new and continuing contributors who are making this exciting work possible. You're amazing and this really is your project.

Strips were installed yesterday by:

  • Lisa Victoria from Glenwood, Iowa, USA
  • Anita Crabb from Cannock, Staffordshire
  • Valeria Thompson from Bristol (
  • Kimberley Harwood from London
  • Martin Bowcock from Northern Quarter, Manchester
  • Marie Pattison, from Manchester and the Kings Arms Knitting Club
  • Joanne Columbine from Ramsbottom, Lancashire
  • Marion Reed from Newport, South Wales

And a very special thanks to OKADASCAT from Hartlepool who sent another seven strips to the stupendous amount she has already rock kidder!

Crocheted flowers and a ladybird by Marie Pattison.

An amazing orange bow by Marion Reed - which I particularly liked as it matched the orange laces in my trainers!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Try summat new!

Here are some lovely stitches you may wish to try out to make your yarn strip for the Yarn Forward project. Just make sure your strip measures 7cm wide by 40cm long.


Saturday, 20 June 2009

Yarn Forwarding >>>>

Artyarn returned to the Manchester Craft and Design Centre today to install another batch of knitted and crocheted yarn strips. As always there was plenty of interest in all of your strips from the visiting public.

Many thanks to the following recent participants..
  • Roger Newton, Withington MCR UK
  • Jacky - Liverpool UK
  • Susan Ward - Warrington UK
  • Alexandra Weinig, Frankfurt Germany
  • Lucy Meakin - Stockport UK

(click on images for larger pics)

Sunday, 17 May 2009

More 'Yarn Forward' and Now More Time!

The Yarn Forward project has created such a buzz around Manchester and beyond that the lovely Kate and Kelda from the Craft and Design Centre want to extend the deadline for the project and keep it all year!

The deadline for receiving strips to add to the hand rail is now DECEMBER 2009.  So as well as there being bags of time to send in a strip and participate with knitters and crocheters from all around the world, your handiwork will be displayed all year for all to see.

So, to celebrate we installed some more of your wonderful yarn strips yesterday...all to the angelic sounds of a harp!

Many thanks to the following contributors:

Sea anemones and coral life from Inga Hamilton aka rockpool candy, Northern Ireland.

A colourful collection from the 'Knitty Gritty' monthly knitting circle, Touchstones Rochdale.

Another sparkly strip from Julie Lawrence of Monton, Salford.

Kate Fairhurst from Polis, Cyprus.

Julian Jefferson from Touchstones Art Gallery, Rochdale.

And another sea inspired strip, this time from Richmal Wigglesworth from Manchester.

Joan Boardman from Rochdale.

And this weekend opened a new exhibition at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre.

A feature of the 'NOT PART OF FESTIVAL' - The Manchester International Fringe Festival.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

new deadline

We are pleased to announce that the deadline has now been extended until December 09, so there is plenty of time to send us your yarn strips for the Yarn Forward project.