Thursday, 9 April 2009

About to turn a corner...

After an installation of more strips on Tuesday...we've reached the end of the first section of handrail at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre...and we're about to turn the corner!

Petra, your pretty pink strip has been added in there. And many thanks to Jane Cummins and Marie Pattison who each made a new strip at The Kings Arms Knitting Club on Monday. Marie making her very first piece of anything crocheted! And Jane knitting up a beautiful blue fluffy strip!

Once again, out wholehearted thanks to everybody who has taken part in this project so far and to all the supportive bods at the Craft Centre.


  1. the knitting on the railing is just GORGEOUS!

  2. Hey, thanks JafaBrit! And thanks once again for taking part in our Yarn Bombing UK:DIY project.

    Would the JafaGirls be so kind and generous as to knit up some strips to contribute to the Yarn Forward project?

    It would be an honour to have you guys represented here...