Saturday, 4 April 2009

Further Forward...

More knitted strips have been arriving at Manchester Craft and Design Centre and the first section of the hand rail is almost covered! 

Abundant gratitude to the latest contributors of the Yarn Forward project, who are:
  • Patricia Brown of Tricoteuse, Stockport, Greater Manchester, UK
  • Tracey Gaughan, Glasgow, Scotland, UK (
  • Jane Cummins of The Kings Arms Knitting Club, Sale, Cheshire, UK
  • Petra Hoschtitzky Arts & Crafts, Manchester UK
Petra, we'll be installing your beautiful pink strip on Tuesday and a photograph will follow for you.

And warmest thanks to Kelda Savage, Kate Day and everybody at The Manchester Craft and Design Centre for all your help and support.

Ooooohhhh...and if you're in the area and drop by to check out the Yarn Forward project, we recommend you try the Suki Tea on offer in Cafe Aromat...'Apple Loves Mint' is a favourite so far!

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