Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Seven Super Strips

On our visit to the Manchester Craft and Design Centre yesterday we were quite literally overwhelmed with surprise at the amount of strips waiting for us there. Twenty six in total!

Thank you so very much to everybody who has taken such enthusiasm and contributed a part to this collective and collaborative project.

We will be installing all the strips on Thursday so in situ images and a list of all the lovely new project participants will follow. 

Oooh, and a quick note for Catherine Walker from New Zealand; we have your strip and will certainly put up an image of it installed for you, as requested my dear.

In the meantime here are seven super strips from the shed load we received yesterday...

'One For The Boys'
Nico Dawson of the Manchester Craft Mafia and Ophelia Button

Andrea Dewhurst from Manchester

Sharon Jue from Oakland, California, USA
Knitted with Sharon's own hand spun yarn.

Diane Hudson from Downham Market, Norfolk

Pat Donohue from Manchester

Chris Walker aka okadascat from Hartlepool

Rachel Kelly from Salford


  1. Oh my gosh, joy, oh, joy!! I'm so thrilled to have my yarn strip up on your blog. I'm so glad it made its way to Manchester and did not end up in some dark crevice in the post office, gathering dust. I had a great time making the strip. Thanks for organizing such a fun project. It is really inspiring.
    Cheers, Sharon Jue
    P.S. If you are ever in the San Francisco Bay Area, and you need to know where the good LYS and burritos are, I'll be happy to show you.

  2. Sharon, all the thanks goes to you. Your strip is really beautiful and your hand spun yarn is incredible. Amazing work! And yes, duly delivered by the old and often weary post office, to our delight!

    And if we ever do find ourselves drifting westward or bumming around the bay area we'll certainly give you a holler...thanks, once again, for the gracious offer.

  3. It would be fabulous if you did come to the Bay Area. There is a great fiber community here and my friend K.C. is making a documentary about knitting and would love to interview you for his film. I'm glad there is big buzz in Manchester for your installation. It is creating a buzz here too with my friends and family! Thanks again.